Monday, November 14, 2005

Where did Jesus get is Y Chromosome?

Sperm aren't always necessary. Some female lizards, fish and other creatures can procreate through parthenogenesis (Greek for virgin birth). Cloning allows something similar in mammals.
But there's a problem with arguing Jesus came about through cloning or parthenogenesis - he would have been born a girl. In the past few decades, science revealed that to be male you need a Y chromosome, and the only place you can get one is from a man. '

'There's a big split over the Y chromosome issue,'' says Boston University theology professor Wesley Wildman. One thing Catholics and Protestants seem to agree on is that Jesus was fully human and male, so he must have carried the usual male quotient of DNA. It's not the Y chromosome he needed per se but a gene called SRY normally carried on the Y.

Occasionally this male-making gene gets moved off the Y, giving rise to an infertile XY woman. In a few cases men are found to have two X chromosomes, but such XX males turn out to have this critical fragment of the Y stuck on one of the other 22 chromosomes. That fragment of the Y has to come from a father.

I always had a hunch that the whole religion was founded based on a lie told by a cheating wife (if Jesus was a real person at all) but when you put it like this it seems even more obvious.

Biology professor David Wilcox of Eastern University, a Christian college, said some aspects of reality may lie beyond the reach of science. ''Of course Jesus had DNA and a Y chromosome - and the source for half of that DNA [and the Y chromosome] would presumably be pure and simple miracle,'' he says.

Pure and simple miracle indeed. You can't argue with that.


Shana said...

Type Debate
Date(s) December 06, 2005
Time Tuesday night.
Notes There has yet to be a professor that is willing to particpate in a debate, however attempts continue. If no professor steps up Mr. Hovind present his best claims against Evolution and the errors it contains for about an hour to an hour and a half. Then things will be opened up for audience members to challenge any claims he made or provide evidence or facts that contradict what was said. The exact format will be added to our website (, along with directions to the event, flyers about the event, attendance numbers, registration processes, etc. If anyone would like to reserve a seat please email to make reservations for your group. There will not be standard tickets given out. Reservations are now being taken for auxiliary rooms as the main lecture hall is past capacity. These auxiliary rooms should be located close to the main lecture hall and will be equipped with a live Audio and video feed from that main lecture hall. More details will be made available to those who request it as the event gets closer Any questions can be emailed to or at 608-445-105 (please only use if not able to use email). Other details: Location= UW-Milwaukee Campus, Bolton Hall 150 ( Time=6:30 (coming 45 minutes to an hour early is recommended) Open to public, ticket price is free

You seem to think that Dr. Hovind is completely wrong on anything, why don't you come show your intellectual prowess against him. Or are you afraid he'd stomp the tar out of you?

JesusIsJustAlrightWithMe said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH. Shana, you are ABSOLFUCKINGLUTELY hilarious. My first reason for not coming is that I live nowhere near there. My second is that it is silly to argue with a creationist in front of a room full of other mouth-breathing creationists. Do you want to learn something about "Dr." Kent Hovind. Here are a few FACTS for you:

1) Mr. Hovind is not a doctor of anything. He doesn't even have a real PhD. He got his fake PhD from daploma mill called Patriot Bible University which is a split-level ranch house in Colorado. Here is a picture of it:
(Scroll down about half way)
His PhD disertation is one of the greatest subjects of mockery in the academic community. This, Shana, is an ABSOLUTE MUST READ:

2) Mr. Hovind has never written an article that has been published in any peer-reviewed journal. EVER.

3) Mr. Hovind's theories have been challenged and proven wrong by many many people that are much smarter than I am.

4) Mr. Hovind's $250,000 challenge is complete bogus. He doesn't even understand what evolution is. See here:

5) He doesn't pay his taxes.

6) Although he is either an idiot or a con artist, I will give him this one bit of credit. He is as slick as any used car salesman.

Shana said...

I would really like to see you go up against him. The entire room will not at all be full of creationists, as it is entirely open to anyone who wants to attend.
As for the other information, I have seen all of those articles, and I personally don't care whether or not they are true. I have never once said that I agree with any or all of what he says, and I rarely watch his material so do not even attempt to throw me into a group which I do not belong to. I merely figured since you like bashing him so much that you might like the opporunity to show your mental prowess against him. But, since you want nothing to do with a real debate, obviously your mental prowess isn't what you state it to be.

JesusIsJustAlrightWithMe said...

Again, I live nowhere near UW-Milwaukee. Also, the invitation is to UW-Milwaukee professors, which I am not.

Explain to me how this makes sense:
"The entire room will not at all be full of creationists, as it is entirely open to anyone who wants to attend."

That's like saying The Big House will notbe full of Michigan fans because Michigan games are entirely open to anyone who wants to attend. Or your church will not be full of Christians because it is open to anyone who wants to attend. Serious scientists usually refrain from debating someone like Hovind becasue they do not want to make it look like they acknowledge that there is a debate about the subject at all. there isn't. There are other, serious and credible debates that go on within the scientific community about real scientific issues. Some of them even deal with evolution issues. However, there is no real, legitimate creation vs. evolution debate in science. A real scientist debating Hovind would be like a Fields Medal winner debating a four-year-old about what 5+5 equals. It would be a waste of time.

I did acknowledge that Hovind is one slick bastard. His show is polished and obviously effective at swaying scientifically ignorant people. Have you ever watched his show though? Look at the people in the audience nodding their heads. You can see the idiocy radiating off of them.

You should also note that the only place this invitation to UW-Milwaukee professors to debate him appears is on Hovind's site and on one of the local religious goofball sites. I bet that not a single Science professor even knows he's coming. But I bet that Hovind will declare that none were willing to debate him. He is a hack. If you really aren't in his camp, I suggest you stop implying that you are. I'd have more respect for you if you were in the KKK.

Shana said...

I've never once implied that I am in Dr. Hovind's camp. The invitation is open to any professor, but since none have stepped up, he is opening it to anyone who wants to debate him publicly. I really don't know who is promoting this, and I don't really care, either. I agree with most of his points, but they are things that I learned long before I knew he even existed. I don't agree with everything he says, but he has a lot more solid, unchaning information than any other scientist I know. You say that science is absolute, yet the answers are constantly changing. Either something is right, or it isn't, and to keep chaning the answers in lieu of 'better information', shows that you have faith that it will eventually be 'right'.

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